Friday, November 30, 2012

Analyzing "Just take it easy, Man"

"Just take it easy, Man" is a statement and, as we know, a fundamental belief of our Church. But it should not be taken lightly. An analysis is necessary. Let's break this sentence into pieces.

Just. This word can have several injunctions. Either time. Like in "Just married". Which means that the wedding took place a short while ago. Perhaps an hour ago. Or the next morning, after a torrid wedding night, and the couple drives off in a car with all the empy cans attached to it and with the signboard indicating that they were "just married". So, the time lap is upto 12 hours. Short. But it can also mean something simple. Like "just put it down here" or "Why don't you simply shut up". In our statement "Just" has the right place because it refers to both time and simplicity.

Take. Take and give. To give is better than to take. Both can be put together with "Just". I will just take it from you but later I just will give it back to you. But we are struggling in life and we don't take it easy. And we are simply unable to do something and sit shaking in a corner. Because we don't take it. Here we have to be tough and simply think about our well being and so we "just take". What?

It. That is what we take. It. Not him or her. No, it. It is "just" there to "take". "Just take it" has limits. We cannot just take a car which parked along the road side. We cannot just take a pearl collar hanging around the neck of a lady. We can just can take many things, but it is for us, as individual, to decide what our personal decency puts a meaning for "it" just to be taken.

Easy. For this one there is not much to say. Easy is simply easy though we have a lot of people making easy things difficult and complicated. And then, when it comes to money, it is often easily come and easily gone. And people have often the tendency of making easy things complicated things.

Man. This is the most difficult one. If we say "Just take it easy, Man" we have all the women on our back saying "And, we, can we not take it easy too?". And we are in the midst of this "gender topic" which has grown to become more and more important in last few decades. I have no intention on starting a discussion on this and I want to remain down to earth. With James Brown, we know that this is a man's world and that it would be nothing without a woman. On the other hand, when we talk about evolution, the past, the future and human beings in general, we refer to it as "mankind" and not as "womankind". This is my main argument to say that "Just take it easy, Man" goes for both men and women. We could change it and say "Just take it easy, Dude". "Dude" can go for both men and women. But we want everybody to "Just take it easy" even if they are not Dudeists.

So "Just take it easy, Man" goes for everybody. Your man, your woman and even your Golden Retriever.

And if you are not comfortable with all this, simply say "Just take it easy" and replace "man" with the person's name.

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