Sunday, December 3, 2017

Serious business

As my professional activity, having prevented me from serious preaching, has come to an end I am now able to concentrate on preaching and will do so frequently. I will be pleased to councel you in all matters (except financial ones).

Monday, December 12, 2016

Today's bit

Whenever possible, try to get paid in cash to avoid getting bumped into a higher tax bracket.

Duderonomy, Book 2, Verse 13

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Back to life

After a long period of quiteness, I start my sermons again. They do not come regular but frequently. here is the first one.


Duderonomity, Book 2, Verse 3

Thursday, December 5, 2013


All Priests of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude and members of the Church are honoring the great man that has left us: Nelson Mandela.

Rare are people like him. His wisdom, his way of moving forward, his capacity to forgive made that he was a great leader and a human being everyone can look up to and take as an example.

Rest In Peace.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thinking (but not to hard)

I have been lazy posting or rather not posting the last few weeks. I could give thousands of excuses but searching for excuses would be a big stress on me. I am sure you will understand.

I have though read a bit more in "The Abide Guide" and I certainly will dispense soon again my preachings based on that book. It will though take some time. I have been working a lot in the last few weeks and month and I have a terrible backlog of "Just taking it easy".

And then, in the coming days I have a major project: How to catch in real time (from my location) the first flight of the Airbus A350 XWB which should happen any day now.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Serious Business

The above document is the proof of my priesthood and guarantees that you are facing a real member of The Church of the Latter-Day Dude.

This will put you in confidence. At least, I hope so.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Just taking it easy

Since two weeks, I am resting and another week of relaxing is ahead of me before I become actif again.

It is wonderful, this sweet doing nothing and fills me with a lot of pleasure. And I try to pass this pleasure to my entourage. But it seems that I am only partially succesful.

Just to avoid any misunderstanding: The lady on the right is not my wife. So, the guy on the left is not her boyfriend. But the picture corresponds to what is happening to both of us. I sleep sound (normal, I am very tired). But for some reason, my wife is not able to sleep. Seeing that she covers her ears, I wonder what the cause could be? My mouth, as with the guy in the picture, is open when I sleep. But it can't be bad breath because one) I clean my teeth and two) she would cover her mouth.

Perhaps, I will never find out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


"Why" is the most terrible word. In any language. "Pourquoi" in French, "Warum" in German. And why is it a terrible word?

Because it prevents us from "Just take it easy, Man".

All our lifes we are asking ourselves "Why":

- Why do I have to pay income tax?
- Why does she not want to have sex with me?
- Why do I have to go to work?
- Why are my cigarettes becoming more expensive?
- And more "why" this and "why" that.

The solution is easy: Forget about "why" and don't pay your income tax, don't have sex with her, don't go to work and continue to smoke your cigarettes. And no more "why" this and "why" that,

Just take it easy, Man

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hommage to a Great Man: Claude Nobs

This post is a bit serious.

On May 1, 1962 this aircraft, a Swissair Convair 440 Metropolitan, landed early afternoon at Zurich-Kloten Airport in Switzerland.

I was then 20 years old. The passengers got down. There were 16 particular ones: Count Basie and the musicians of his Big Band. They came to give a concert in Zurich. We were about 50 welcoming them from the visitors balcony of the airport. Screaming: "Welcome to Zurich, Count Basie". A music reporter from the Swiss Radio had arranged something great. Whilst Count Basie and his men were looking at us, two luggage carts approached the aircraft. One one was a piano and on the other drums. And right there on the tarmac, the musicians made a jam session. An unforgettable moment.

Jazz has accompanied me throughout my life. I have a collection of about 700 records (vinyl and CD) and now all handy on my iPod, iPhone and iPad. Where I go, I have my jazz (and other music) with me.

In 1986, I moved to a small beautiful town on the shores of Lake Geneva: Montreux. To discover that this town during 2 weeks in July, every year and since almost 50 years, became THE world city. Because of the Montreux Jazz Festival. This festival is renowned in the whole world and attracts a huge crowd of visitors.

This man founded it:

Claude Nobs. During all these years he brought the great names to Montreux. Modern Jazz Quartet, Miles Davis, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Deep Purple, B.B. King, Manhattan Transfer, Tito Puente, Santana, the list is so long.

For me it was like being in Paradise during those two weeks. I was fully in it, not going home (10 minutes to walk from where the concerts took place) for nights and nights. Enjoying the concerts, having chats with the musicians. Wonderful moments of my life and the one of thousands of other people.

On 24th December 2012, Claude made a ski tour above Montreux. He feel and got hurt. Brought to the hospital for surgery, he did not wake up and fell into a coma. He passed away yesterday.

Montreux and the world music scene has lost a Great Man.

It is a moment where it is difficult to "Just Take It Easy, Man".

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The "Abide Guide", in its chapter "Great Dudes in History" mentions Heraclitus and Eipicurius to be part of those. The Abiding Lesson on page 86 says:

Or as the Dude would say: “Life’s too short, man. You can’t worry about that shit.”

And that is exactly the point: Life is to short to worry. And if you worry all the time, you have no time to enjoy. Bowling, sleeping with somebody, smoke (or not), drink other things than water and so one and so forth. We also have a lot of problems to determine what is worthwhile to worry about and what is shit.

I am always late paying my income tax. Because paying that is not on my list of priorities. So, I patiently wait quite some time before I open the tax people's letters. I have received so many in the past years, I know exactly what is written in them. And then, the tax people know that I land up paying. So, why should I worry.

I am not good a paying bills anyway. And why should I pay them immediately. There will be two to three reminders and it will be still time to pay. The rent is the only bill I pay sharp.

And I even don't worry about having money on my account. It comes every month but after a few days (having paid the bills AND some income tax) there is nothing left. I don't worry; next month there will be again.

That was on the material side. Now there are other things to worry about like health. I don't worry about it. I am healthy. My yearly checkup confirms it. I do though not care about what I eat, I smoke like hell and I am 20kg overweight. I don't go to gyms (and why should I when my muscles are so well develop, specially on the stomach side). I simply let it go.I don't worry. Why should I worry that I could get sick because of my lifestyle. Should I get sick, then there is still time to worry. But to be honest, I don't think that I will worry even then.

Other people will worry about their partner leaving them. If a relation comes to that stage, let them go. There is no use of wanting to hold them back. If they don't want you anymore, there is little you can do. The only justified "worrying" here is on how much it is going to cost you. But if you are clever, you declare private bankruptcy and then it is going to cost you nothing. And don't worry: You will find somebody else unless the word is spread that you are an obnoxious SOB.

And then people worry about their job, work and career. Just work, not to hard, you might get sick. And if you are forced to work by necessity, don't worry the day you will retire will come. With a bit of luck with some pre-retirement scheme.

I just gave some ideas about worrying. They are not complete or exhaustive.

Just don't worry about that shit


Just take it easy, Man

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The bliss of the New Year

Happy New Year to All of you.

I know that many of you have been celebrating. And are now in a state where they need this:

And it might help you to be on "track" again.

But if it does not, this will definitely bring you "back":

And then you will be "clean" and able to do something worthwhile:

Reading "The Abide Guide" and you are all set (starting from January 2) for a great Year 2013.

Just take it easy, Man

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

I, Reverend Peter Voegtli, coming to another end of a succesful year, and in my capacity of Priest of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude, wish you days of fun, relaxing, thinking, drinking and abiding with a few pieces of advise:

1. When you receive a Christmas gift you don't like, just try to make your smile look real when you thank for the unwanted gift.
2. Don't worry about the unwanted gift; you could have gotten a worse one.
3. If the unwanted gift is a short, a brief or an underpant, just make another use of it like cutting it to pieces and use to clean your car all shiny.


4. Abide

Friday, December 14, 2012

Season and its Greetings

The year end is close. With Christmas. I have an open mind. But I don't like Christmas. Instead of celebrating somebody's birth, we are celebrating the raise of shares at the stock exchanges because the Christmas business is good.

This photo shows why I hate Christmas. On the left someone who is unhappy with his gift. And yet, it is an iPhone anyway. On the right is somebody who would like to have real shoes but has to content himself with shoes made out of empty mineral water bottles. With the money spent for the unhappy person in the left, the person on the right could have been made happy many times over.

But there are people who try to give still a sense to Christmas.

Since years I admire the people of the Salvation Army who during this period of the year freeze their bums and sing songs, in the cold, to collect some money. And with this they give some warmth to unfortunate people who go through a rough spell in the Christmas period. And even after.................

Just take it easy, Man

Friday, November 30, 2012

Analyzing "Just take it easy, Man"

"Just take it easy, Man" is a statement and, as we know, a fundamental belief of our Church. But it should not be taken lightly. An analysis is necessary. Let's break this sentence into pieces.

Just. This word can have several injunctions. Either time. Like in "Just married". Which means that the wedding took place a short while ago. Perhaps an hour ago. Or the next morning, after a torrid wedding night, and the couple drives off in a car with all the empy cans attached to it and with the signboard indicating that they were "just married". So, the time lap is upto 12 hours. Short. But it can also mean something simple. Like "just put it down here" or "Why don't you simply shut up". In our statement "Just" has the right place because it refers to both time and simplicity.

Take. Take and give. To give is better than to take. Both can be put together with "Just". I will just take it from you but later I just will give it back to you. But we are struggling in life and we don't take it easy. And we are simply unable to do something and sit shaking in a corner. Because we don't take it. Here we have to be tough and simply think about our well being and so we "just take". What?

It. That is what we take. It. Not him or her. No, it. It is "just" there to "take". "Just take it" has limits. We cannot just take a car which parked along the road side. We cannot just take a pearl collar hanging around the neck of a lady. We can just can take many things, but it is for us, as individual, to decide what our personal decency puts a meaning for "it" just to be taken.

Easy. For this one there is not much to say. Easy is simply easy though we have a lot of people making easy things difficult and complicated. And then, when it comes to money, it is often easily come and easily gone. And people have often the tendency of making easy things complicated things.

Man. This is the most difficult one. If we say "Just take it easy, Man" we have all the women on our back saying "And, we, can we not take it easy too?". And we are in the midst of this "gender topic" which has grown to become more and more important in last few decades. I have no intention on starting a discussion on this and I want to remain down to earth. With James Brown, we know that this is a man's world and that it would be nothing without a woman. On the other hand, when we talk about evolution, the past, the future and human beings in general, we refer to it as "mankind" and not as "womankind". This is my main argument to say that "Just take it easy, Man" goes for both men and women. We could change it and say "Just take it easy, Dude". "Dude" can go for both men and women. But we want everybody to "Just take it easy" even if they are not Dudeists.

So "Just take it easy, Man" goes for everybody. Your man, your woman and even your Golden Retriever.

And if you are not comfortable with all this, simply say "Just take it easy" and replace "man" with the person's name.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More than One BIS (and something repaired)

If I were a Catholic I would now exclaim "HALLELUJAH". But I am a Dudeist. So, I don't really know what I should exclaim. But I will find out. So, for the time being let me exclaim: "YEAH, MAN".

On this blog and on my Squidoo page on Dudeism I have been talking about our founders, the Dudely Lama Oliver Benjamin and the Arch Dude Dwayne Eutsey. I had a picture of our Dudely Lama but on my post "More than One" of a few weeks ago I was introducing our Arch Dude. I could no find a photo of him and I put an anomymous face with a question mark.

The Arch Dude saw this and felt my distrress and turmoil. Which obviously has mis-carried me away from our fundamental belief "Just take it easy, Man". He thought that it was important to bring me back to the right path and in his pity for me, he sent me a picture of him authorising me to use it.

And so, Fellow Dudeist, sympathizers of Dudeism, would and could be members of The Church of the Latter-Day Dude, it is my pleasure to have on my Chapel the photo of  His Arch Dudeship.