Friday, December 14, 2012

Season and its Greetings

The year end is close. With Christmas. I have an open mind. But I don't like Christmas. Instead of celebrating somebody's birth, we are celebrating the raise of shares at the stock exchanges because the Christmas business is good.

This photo shows why I hate Christmas. On the left someone who is unhappy with his gift. And yet, it is an iPhone anyway. On the right is somebody who would like to have real shoes but has to content himself with shoes made out of empty mineral water bottles. With the money spent for the unhappy person in the left, the person on the right could have been made happy many times over.

But there are people who try to give still a sense to Christmas.

Since years I admire the people of the Salvation Army who during this period of the year freeze their bums and sing songs, in the cold, to collect some money. And with this they give some warmth to unfortunate people who go through a rough spell in the Christmas period. And even after.................

Just take it easy, Man

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