Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Scandinavian Dude

I have a friend. He is also working as a humanitarian aid worker. To respect his privacy, I just will be general. We are working for the same organisation, now in different countries but on the same continent. When we worked together, I had to determine the need of food to be given every month to people in need and he saw to it that the food got there were it was needed.

He is not a member of our Church. But he is a perfect Dude. He hails from Scandinavia and he is a few years younger than me. But also in the categorie of "oldies" or slowly getting there. Like me, he is a freak of technology. He is very well versed in computer issues and when it comes to mobile communication we are on the same line.

We were living together in the same house at a certain time. Drinking beer in the evening, after our hard work, and relaxing in a Dudeist manner.

We thought the same way, had the same opinions on practically everything. But one day, he really showed me that he was steps ahead of me. Our house was very popular on weekends. Almost every Saturday we had people. And one day we decided to make a Margeritha party. I said to him that he was crazy, how the hell will we make and serve Margerithas to all the people that will come.Because when we made a party we had a lot of people coming. He said that I should not worry. He had the solution.

So we set out to buy all the ingredients mainly the alcohol. I don't remember how many bottles but I guess it was 10 liters. I still worried on how we will quench our guests thirsts with Margerithas. Then he brought out buckets (why?) and poured everything in them and stirred the mixture. I got a bit tired and went for a nap. When I came back, I found this:

Our water dispenser. Full of Margeritha. 20 liters. Well, to make the long story short: The party was a succes. When it was finished, the dispenser was empty. Except for the little quantity that stays in the machine. When we got up in the morning, the house cleaner came to us to say that there was something wrong with the dispenser, the water had a very funny taste.

The dispenser solution is the proof that my friend can "Just take it easy, Man".

There are so many Dudes in this world and they don't realise that they are. As Priest of our Church it is our duty to let them discover it.

PS. On the photo above we know who the guy on the right is, our Dude. The one on the left is not my friend.

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