Wednesday, January 16, 2013


"Why" is the most terrible word. In any language. "Pourquoi" in French, "Warum" in German. And why is it a terrible word?

Because it prevents us from "Just take it easy, Man".

All our lifes we are asking ourselves "Why":

- Why do I have to pay income tax?
- Why does she not want to have sex with me?
- Why do I have to go to work?
- Why are my cigarettes becoming more expensive?
- And more "why" this and "why" that.

The solution is easy: Forget about "why" and don't pay your income tax, don't have sex with her, don't go to work and continue to smoke your cigarettes. And no more "why" this and "why" that,

Just take it easy, Man

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  1. I forgot that you had this blog. Your posts make me laugh!